To help you figure out and connect with the woman you want to see in your portraits, please fill out our beauty journal.  Who are you in this moment; how do you want to see yourself; which parts of yourself that you love, or maybe that you have lost and want to reconnect with. If you’re willing to share some of those insights with us we’ll better be able to capture the amazing woman you are and want to be.

Name *
What's your age, occupation/passions? Are you a mother?
When in your life have you felt your most beautiful? What did you like about yourself at that time or now? (If you have any photos, please email them to
What do you love/like about yourself? What do others admire in you? Physically and characteristically.?
Makeup Style
What kinds of looks and or aspects of yourself do I need to pay special attention to?
Do you have any celebrities that you admire the looks of? What do you like about their looks?
For your session do you want to look like you usually do in the best light, or do you want to step outside your comfort zone and explore something new?
What are you hoping to gain out of your portrait session/experience?